In Hong Kong, a company or business name registration is not an indication of intellectual property rights (IPR). Company registration, business registration and trademark registration serve different purposes. They are regulated by separate laws and the registration systems are administered by different government departments.

A company name registration at the Companies Registry or a business name registered with the Business Registration Office under the Inland Revenue Department is not the same as a trademark registration at the Trade Marks Registry of the Intellectual Property Department. Having registered as a local company or a registered non-Hong Kong company with the Companies Registry, or obtained a business registration from the Business Registration Office, a company is still required to apply for the registration of its trademarks with the Trade Marks Registry in order to obtain the protection under the Trade Marks Ordinance. As the owner of a registered trademark, the company has the exclusive right to use the trademark in Hong Kong in relation to the goods and/or services for which the mark is registered.

A Hong Kong business registration certificate or a certificate of incorporation / registration does not by itself indicate that the business or company has rights to use its name or a trademark in promoting or dealing in goods and services.

A trademark registration is a guarantee of trademark rights registered in Hong Kong.

Source from: Hong Kong Intellectual Property Department