The World’s Most Valuable Brand
-sources from Forbes, Apple Inc, USPTO, BBC News

For the last five years, Apple held on to the title of the world’s most valuable brand. The Apple logo is now worth $39.3 billion according to Brand Finance. Apple’s innovation is embodied in its Intellectual Property, including Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights.

So do you know the amount of patents owned by Apple? Apple Inc. owns about 9800 granted U.S. patents, including design patents, based on information from the USPTO in 2016; the total number of patents they own worldwide would be higher on this.

No ones can tell how far can your business go? But I am sure that your registered intellectual property right must be the most valuable assets of your company. Nowadays, it is hard to see someone using phone of Nokia, the company is facing a baptism under the threatening by its competitors such as Apple, Samsung.  You may be shocked that its registered patents are saving Nokia. Apple pays an undisclosed sum and further revenues for the license of using the patents owned by Nokia. Analysts at UBS estimate that Nokia will receive between €450m and €550m (£390m-£475m) from Apple every year.

For businesses, innovation is the most important means of staying competitive in the marketplace, and the only way to keep that competitive advantage is to protect innovative ideas and prevent other companies from using them. Owners must know well the importance of their intellectual property and formulate IP strategy at the earliest possible time.